15 Top Free Online File-Sharing Alternatives


File sharing is the ability and means of sending and receiving files through the internet from one computer to another. The files or digital media come in many forms such as; computer programs, multimedia (images, audio and video) and documents or electronic books.


There are two main types of file sharing sites;

  1. Peer to peer (P2P) utilizes P2P software which searches for connected computers on the network to enable file sharing. E.g. Bit Torrent
  2. File sync and sharing services. It typically implements automated file transfers by updating files from a dedicated sharing directory on each user’s networked devices. E.g. Dropbox and Google Drive

It is a very fast and effective tool when it comes to sending large files usually over 100mbs. This is because it saves its users the time they would otherwise spend when trying to upload files through email. In addition to the speedy process through which the files are sent, free online file sharing comes at no extra cost for the sender or receiver. The requirement for utilizing these services is to have a computer, whether it’s a PC, MAC or Mobile Phone and of course access to internet connection.

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Users can now gain access to information virtually anywhere on the planet due to these file sharing attributes. It is a fast, easy, secure and effective way to share files with relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Below are the top 15 Free Online File Sharing Alternatives.


This is a file sharing site that is based in Stockholm. It is user friendly, has a beautiful layout and is currently the fastest way to send and receive data anywhere in the world. The maximum file size that can be sent over this site is 300mbs.

Pando – Free download and software reviews – CNET Download.com

This site uses peer to peer software technology that enables users to download, stream online content and massive media files extremely fast, easy and fun. The maximum file size shared on this site is 1GB. Pando utilizes the Bit Torrent protocol to share files. The non-subscription version of the site is powered by advertisements, those annoying pop ups that flash across the screen. The maximum file size for unregistered users is 1GB the capacity goes up to 3GB for subscribed users. The site also provides password protection for its premium users/subscribers.

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Wikisend: free file sharing service

It is a file sharing service that offers its clients the option to either upload or download content in an easy and straightforward format. The layout is simple without much fuss and clutter. There are no annoying ads popping up on the screen when you visit the site. There are login and signup options available too. However, Wikisend allows you to download files without necessarily registering or creating an account. The file size requirement is unlimited. These qualities make it extremely convenient to use.

Pipebytes : PlusTransfer | Send Big Files

This file sharing service is web based meaning that its users are not required to use plug-ins and there no additional installations necessary to use the site. The file size is also unlimited meaning that if you choose to; you can download and upload large files without running out of space or memory.  The only limitation is that the site must remain open until the recipient finishes downloading the desired file(s) Pipebytes allows its users to access, send, and receive information without registration. There are no premium accounts offered in the site meaning that its services are free for all its users. The limitation is that if you choose to create an account there is no password protection for the same.

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MailBigFile | Send and Share Big Files

The site is colorfully designed to capture the eye with a beautiful format. It is user friendly as the interface allows for easy access to the menu one is looking for. The site allows users to send and receive files up to 2GB for unregistered users. The premium pro users can increase their file size sharing capacity to 4GB. It is really up to the client to decide whether or not they wish to register, login and create a premium account, thus it is flexible in its use. Its major limitation is the fact that there is no guaranteed password protection for the accounts on the site.

4shared.com – free file sharing and storage

This site offers its unregistered users a maximum file size 100mbs. Premium users get to enjoy an added advantage of using an increased file sharing size of 5GB. The site offers its users the chance to register, create an account and login to enjoy the premium package offers. Unfortunately, there is no password protection for its registered users.

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Send This File

This is an easy to use file sharing service that allows its users to send and receive large files from anyone, anywhere on the planet. The maximum file sharing size is unlimited which is an impressive service to offer at a cost. It offers its users the option to register and the added advantage is that it provides password protection.

Files2U – Transfer large files fast – Free – Secure

This is a web based service requires its users to provide information such as full names and email address of both the sender and the receiver in order to share files. It allows its users to send and receive files without the lag or slowdown that they would otherwise experience when using email.

Driveway online file sharing – Corporate information

This online sharing site is powered by iDrive Online Backup. It basically works in two ways depending on the user’s needs. You can either use the internet to send web files or simply send files through your PC’s desktop. This versatility allows for flexibility in its use. The maximum file sharing size on this site is 500mbs. It also allows for registration and the option to create a premium account. However, the site doesn’t support password protection.

 File sharing and storage made simple

The maximum file sharing size on this site is 100mbs. There is no registration needed to access file sharing services, however at a cost, users are able to utilize benefits of a premium account. The site doesn’t offer password protection.

file.io – Ephemeral file sharing

This file sharing site allows its users to enjoy privacy when sharing files across the web. It has an added advantage of allowing its users to collaborate in real time through the internet by email, phone mobile and so much more. You can create each drop by two clicks and share whatever you want which whomever you wish. It is an easy way to share information. The maximum file sharing size offered is 100mbs. No registration is required for these services, however if you wish to create a premium account you get to enjoy added benefits and guaranteed password protection.


This file sharing software syncs your files online and sends them across from your computer to another to share information. It enables you to share data with colleagues, friends and peers. Users however are required to register into the site in order to access these services. Users can also gain access to a premium account at a cost and enjoy password protection for their accounts.

Box: Secure File Sharing, Storage, and Collaboration

Box.net is an online file storage site that makes sharing information easy and secure. The site allows for sharing data in the form of links or shared folders both within and outside your organization. The maximum file sharing size is unlimited meaning that you can make countless transfers without a problem. Box offers registration to interested clients and also provides premium account packages for those willing to spend. The site also guarantees password protection for their clients’ accounts.

senduit | Share easily

This site offers unlimited file size when it comes to sending and receiving files. There is no registration needed to get access to this service. There are no premium packages offered on this site and therefore no password protection necessary.

Download – File Dropper

This file sharing site offers a file size maximum capacity of 5GB. Users have the option to create an account to enjoy this service. While users purchasing premium accounts will enjoy added benefits and perks. There is no password protection for the accounts created on this site.

Here are some other file-sharing services (not all are free) that you may check out:

Yousendit –It is a web based digital content delivery service powered by YouSendIt Inc. it allows users to send, receive and track files on demand. It’s a great alternative for sending large masses of information such as information contained in CDs DVDs

BigUpload -Holds the top rank as far as being a file sharing service provider. It allows users to securely upload and transfer files over the newest, quickest and most reliable servers. Its memory is impressive being close to unlimited since it functions on multi-gigabyte web connection.

divShare – Allows for sharing of large files, music and video online.

ADrive – It is an online storage unit that can hold all kinds of multimedia.

DropSend – In lightning speed this site can send up to 2GB on a single file.

Sendspace – Boasts unlimited downloads and uploads, 300Mb per file.

TransferBigFiles – requires no registration to use the site, the home screen allows for quick upload of files


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