11 Most Popular Apps Banned In India And Their Alternatives

Tik Tok

Some apps tracing its origin or link in one way or the other to China have been banned in India. Here we are with 11 Most Popular Apps Banned In India And Their Alternatives:

  1. ShareChat is an alternative to Tik Tok

One of the most popular Chinese apps that you can no longer use if you are an Indian resident. However, there is no need for you to be upset if you were an ardent user of Tik Tok as there is an Indian app that is a perfect alternative to this app. This alternative application is ShareChat using which you can shoot videos as well as post them online. There are different filters available on the app.

2. Web Browser is an alternative to UC Browser

Alibaba Group of China operates and owns the UC Browser. The app enjoys enormous popularity among citizens of India, however, it is no longer available for use in India as it is banned in India. However, the Web Browser is a perfect alternative to the app that will make your life easy. The app comes with a built-in user data protection feature.

3. Jio Meet is an alternative to Zoom

With the spread of COVID-19 and educational institutions going online, a hike was witnessed in the download of Zoom application like never before. However, tracing its link to china the app has been banned in India. Thus, you need an alternative to the Zoom app, and there can be no better alternative than Jio Meet.

4. Hi Translate is an alternative to Baidu

This application is one of the popular apps for translation. After the ban, the alternatives that people have to the app are Google Translate and Hi Translate.

5. Alternatives to We Meet, and We Chat

After the ban of these apps from India people have been looking for alternates. The popular alternatives to the app include Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

6. Alternatives to Hago Play With New Friends

Those who have been using this application can switch to apps like Houseparty that more or less performs the same functions.

7. Alternatives to Camscanner

To the popularly and most commonly used app, the most useful alternatives are Adobe Scan, Microsoft Office Lens, Photo Scan, and TapScanner.

8. Alternatives to YouCam makeup, SelfieCity, and Meitu

B612 Beauty and Filter Camera are two popular apps that you can use instead of these banned apps.

9. Alternatives to DU battery

If you were using this app extensively then you can opt for using Battery Saver and Charge Optimizer, which are powerful alternatives to the app.

10. Alternative to Newsdog, UC News and QQ Newsfeed

Alternative apps to these banned apps include Google News, Apple News, and Inshorts.

11. Alternatives to Shareit, Xender and ES File Explorer

Files Go, Send Anywhere, Google Drive, and Dropbox are some of the popular alternatives to this app that are no longer available for use in India. Talking specifically about the Indian alternatives, you can use Share All, Jio Switch, and Smart share.

All in all, these are 11 Most Popular Apps Banned In India And Their Alternatives.


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