10 Reasons Not To Use Mytoolstown.com


You must have heard about mytoolstown which is considered to be the best platform to get followers and likes on your instagram post or to get many more views on your youtube channel.

This platform will help you to gain your followers and expand your traffic on your social media accounts but are you aware about the reality of this application?

Do you seriously need to use this application to expand the traffic on your website? Will you be able to increase instagram followers with mytoolstown?

You will get all the answers to your questions in this article and this article will tell you how you can grow your traffic organically instead of making use of these services.

Yes, social media followers may be purchased. There are numerous inexpensive sites that allow you to purchase 1,000 followers for as little as $10.

You are, however, merely paying for a number. Many of your followers are bots or dormant accounts, meaning they will never interact with your posts. 

For instance, if we talk about Instagram followers. Depending on how many Instagram followers you want to buy, the price might range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind, though, that buying Instagram followers is against the platform’s terms of service, so the price you pay may be more than monetary. Buying Instagram followers could result in the deletion of your account in the worst-case scenario, and a drop in engagement and reach in the best-case scenario.

Similarly, if we talk about buying facebook followers or Twitter likes is like draining your money into waste because you’re wasting money if you buy Facebook followers for your company page because the “people” that like your page are usually robots, spam accounts, or fraudulent Facebook users.

Moreover, people tend to buy followers from mytools town because it is a free application where they don’t need to spend money in buying the followers and this will ultimately help them in expanding the traffic on your website.

But is mytoolstown free application? Yes, the application is free but with their free usage, they tend to make fun of the people. For instance, you are using the free youtube service to increase the subscribers on the account but as soon as you use this application to expand your subscribers on your Youtube account, they very soon lose all the subscribers you have gained from this application.

They play with the minds of people by manipulating them to use their service and slowly all the subscribers will leave the account.

Also, we need to ponder on this question: does mytoolstown work in reality? Yes they work in manipulating the people to buy followers for their social media accounts to enhance the traffic but in actuality slowly these followers from social media accounts will reduce to zero as these are fake followers who don’t interact with your posts or articles.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Mytoolstown.com

Given below are the reasons why you should not use mytoolstown application:

1. Fake Followers

Buying fake social media followers is considerably more difficult now than it was a few years ago. Why? Social Media accounts have been putting a lot of pressure on accounts that are breaking its rules of service. What used to be very open is now a mystery.

To purchase these days, you’ll need to know someone who can connect you with a vendor who can deliver the bots that are followers — they promise (you’ll also want to find someone you can trust with your credit card information). 

But, once you’ve paid for your following, what happens next? You’ll have to wait anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for your followers to come in, if the merchant is real (as legitimate as can be for this type of business).

To avoid alerting social media accounts that something strange is going on, the merchants gradually remove your followers. Don’t anticipate much once you’ve got your spanking new automatic followers. These followers will have no impact on your engagement numbers. You’re only paying for a number when you buy followers. Engagement isn’t a given.

2. No Long Lasting Relationships With These Fake Accounts

While buying the followers from mytoolstown application, you are actually spending money to get fake followers to expand traffic on your website.

As a result, you are not able to create long lasting relationships with these accounts because within a time span, the followers from your account will be reduced to zero. Instead of using these services, you should try to enhance your accounts organically.

3. Hurting Your Brand Integrity

Purchasing likes and followers isn’t a particularly subtle procedure. The bumps can number in the hundreds and occur almost instantly, making it visible to even the most casual observer.

What will people think if they find that your page has a million admirers but just 3 likes on your most recent post? When real fans notice a brand buying followers, it devalues the brand’s integrity, hinders future efforts to build an authentic online presence, and strikes at the brand’s transparency, not to mention makes you appear desperate.

How can they trust you not to lie about other areas of your firm when you’ve lied about one?

4. Wasting Your Money On Ads

An ad campaign’s goal is to increase the amount of impressions and engagements that your content receives on your pages. Your ad money will be spent advertising content that will be seen (at best) by indifferent paid likes and (at worst) by spam accounts that no one is looking at at all if your following are largely (or even half) made up of paid likes.

You limit the ability of future ad campaigns to reach interested audiences when you buy Facebook likes and followers.

If you do decide to use social media marketing, it’s considerably preferable to pay Facebook or Twitter directly to boost posts or run advertisements to your existing genuine followers.

It might take a little longer to reach those astronomically high figures, but you’ll be targeting and reaching genuine users in your demographic, and growing the amount of real individuals who are aware of and engaged with your business.

5. Fake Likes Will Result In Lower Engagement

You’re not paying for useful eyeballs on your content—or even genuine eyeballs—when you buy followers. The service you’re paying for is very certainly powered by bots or fake accounts made only for the goal of gaining followers.

In the case of Facebook, an algorithm looks at the quality of your postings and utilizes your overall engagement rate to determine how many of your fans should see it. The percentage of individuals that noticed your content and subsequently liked, shared, clicked, or commented on it is known as your engagement rate.

Because having thousands of inactive, non-engaged users makes Facebook suspicious, your material will be seen by fewer people. You’d rather have a tiny but highly engaged audience than a large one with little to no engagement with your material.

Buying followers on Twitter, which just shifted to an algorithm-based timeline, causes the same issue. When you buy likes and follows, your posts are less likely to be discovered by your genuine admirers, reducing your organic reach significantly.

6. Harms The Marketing Efforts in Future

One of the first things to consider when establishing a marketing or communications strategy is your target demographic, or who you want to reach.

Looking at the demographics of individuals who already like your page and using those traits to guide and help target your content development and marketing activities is one of the greatest methods to figure this out.

When you use mytoolstown to artificially boost your fan base, the demographics of your followers can be drastically skewed, usually at random. Paying for likes makes it impossible to fully grasp who your customers are, obstructing long-term strategy and the ability to interact with genuine fans.

7. Accounts Forbids It

Most accounts have policies prohibiting the purchase of followers as part of a larger anti-spam effort. Don’t assume you won’t be caught just because you haven’t been caught yet.

There are even tips out there today that explain how to tell whether a brand has bought phony likes, so expect that your audience is becoming more savvy.

8. Destroys The Credibility Of Your Account

It’s possible that having a large number of followers will persuade individuals to follow you naturally, but it’s not a guarantee.

Remember the drawbacks: these followers are unlikely to like or comment on your posts, and if you’re discovered with a large number of false followers, it could jeopardize your reputation with your actual followers.

Users may see that your posts don’t have a lot of participation, which may discourage them from following you. People will notice something is wrong if you have 10,000 followers but just four likes every post.

9. Disrupting The Performance Of Your Account

If a large portion of your target audience isn’t real, it’s nearly impossible to gauge how well your brand is connecting with them. How will you know which posts perform well with your real audience if the ratio is skewed by bots and inactive accounts?

You’ll never convert your Instagram followers into real customers if you don’t know how well your posts are performing or what your real audience thinks. Isn’t that the whole point?

In the end, if you pay for Instagram followers, you’re not getting real-life, genuine followers. You’re paying for a number that doesn’t exist. Buying followers isn’t a long-term answer because Instagram’s algorithm is mostly based on interaction rather than followers.

In reality, it isn’t even a solution. Instead of wasting time, energy, and money on purchasing followers, use that time, energy, and money towards creating genuine relationships with actual people.

Your committed followers will spread the news and engage with your brand without any bribery if your content is interesting and authentic.

10. Your Account Becomes Spammy Account

Fake followers have been found to send spam to legitimate clients. We all despise being bombarded with spam, so don’t contribute to the problem! You will lose actual followers if your brand is renowned for bombarding followers with garbage.

We have also researched the mytoolstown review in which according to many people it is a fake and fraud website which will only manipulate its customers to buy their followers to expand the traffic on the website.


Neither Facebook likes nor Twitter followers should be purchased. Buying likes can be quite tempting, especially when clients demand immediate results, but it’s simply not worth it.

Refuse to take the easy way out and instead build your brand honestly with captivating content aided (strategically, of course) by direct boosts and ad campaigns. Keep it authentic and reap the rewards in the long run.


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