15 Best Free Online Multiplayer Games For Android Tablets And Smartphones


Multiplayer games take you to the next level gaming adventure. This is very much suitable for those who want to enjoy adventure and thrilling experience through playing video games. Nowadays, there are tons of games, which support actual multiplayer play. It includes real-time co-op or PvP. These days most Android games have some sort of multiplayer element in it.  If you are looking for something to play with your friends, then kindly check out below best free online multiplayer games for Android tablets.

Gaming on hand-held devices such as Smartphone and tablets are increasingly popular today. Gaming in Android devices has been steadily getting better now. In earlier days, Android simply has puzzle games and you could invite your friends through Facebook contacts to be your friends in the game console. Multiplayer games are slightly different from other types of games.


Check out the best free online android multiplayer games

Playing a game is one of the excellent ways to have fun and improve your moods. However, playing games in a group bring the gaming adventure into the different level. Playing video games with your friends or other people is the best way to play video games. Moreover, you can able to share your excitement, challenge your friends, and even have fun together. It is slightly difficult to play a video game in the same room with your friend as you are.

Therefore, here is the list of 15 best Android Multiplayer games that simply need more than one player to play the game. Go through the post until the last to discover the best multiplayer game for you.

  1. AdventureQuest 3D
  2. Asphalt Xtreme
  3. Badland
  4. Critical ops
  5. Crossy road
  6. Hearthstone
  7. Minecraft: pocket edition:
  8. Modern Combat 5
  9. NBA Jam
  10. Nova Legacy
  11. Riptide GP: Renegade
  12. Supercell games
  13. Unkilled
  14. Vainglory
  15. Zynga’s with friends games

In order to know more details regarding all these best multiplayer Android apps, you have to read the posts below.

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A brief description of 15 best android multiplayer games

AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is one of the newer and popular multiplayer games for Android device. Moreover, it has a complete cross-support platform MMORPG and offers most stuff that you would not expect at all. In this gameplay, you can able to do many quests, raid bosses, different classes, dungeons and even crafting. You can quests with your friends online and it does not matter what device both of you playing from. With this game, you can explore the world with many new areas, items, adventures, monster, and even quests added daily.


This multiplayer game is an inspired re-imagining of the real 2D flash web browser game. As it is a true cross-platform multiplayer game, you can easily play a character on the same world where your friends from Mac, PC, Android, and Apple devices. AdventureQuest 3D is online fantasy world that fully filled with magic, monsters, and amazing stories. Even you can explore the fantasy world and battle monsters in real time together. This game offers self-cleaning to free up disk space of your mobile. Moreover, you can sidekick friends to your level in the gameplay.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is a racing video game and unofficially called as Asphalt Motorsports. Game loft published and developed Asphalt Xtreme in the Asphalt series. The game offers monster trucks, a lineup of rally cars, and a huge amount of off-roads tracks. You also drive off-road vehicles with a variety of different courses. This video game is one of the most popular racing games in the series of Asphalt. The gaming console features an excellent visual interface, vehicular game design, and angular camera view.


These features offer a strong visual resemblance to Asphalt Xtreme video game series. It also offers more than three thousand career events, one thousand and hundred challenges and many limited time events, which change each week. This video game features more than 50 vehicles to race with your friends. In addition to, Asphalt Xtreme comes with tons of trucks, real-time multiplayer, vehicle customization, and so on. In general, the menus of the game are pretty bad but the mechanics of the gameplay is really good. This game is compatible with all kinds of devices.


Badland is an atmospheric platform along with a pleasant look and simple premise. Your role in this gameplay is to make it to the finish line of any given level, especially without being caught in the obstacles present in your way. This is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the list. Your ultimate goal in this gameplay is to move a forest dweller via series of puzzles and mazes. In fact, the screen moves whether you do it or not so that you must move quickly, otherwise you lose the game.


Surprisingly, the multiplayer game is robust and it can able to handle up to four players. Even it also supports custom level designs. Additionally, this game has support for Android TV but there is no confirmation on how long this one will have support. This offers more than 100 levels and a co-op mode allows up to four players multiplayer on the same device with 23 levels. Even it also features a level creator so that you can able to make your own levels. This multiplayer game is free to download so you must try out.

Critical ops

Critical Ops is a first-person multiplayer shooter game for Android. This is a fast-paced FPS, which will test your tactical skill and reflexes. With this game, you can experience the thrill of modern terrorist’s warfare when you fight a critical operation as a counter-terrorists or aim to destruction like a terrorist. In this gameplay, there are two teams and each consists of up to six players i.e. terrorists and anti-terrorists. Two different types of maps are available in the game.



That means your job is to place or deactivate a bomb, which depends upon the team you belong to or else simply try to eliminate opponents as much as you can. Controls of the game are perfectly adapted to the touchscreen of all devices. You will see virtual stickers on the left-hand side. To rotate the camera and for aim for your gun, you have to simply slide your finger towards the screen right side. You will buttons for shoot, jump, reload, and duck on the right side of the screen. Obviously, there are some similarities exist between this game and counter-strike. This is an outstanding FPS multiplayer game.

Crossy road

The simple gameplay of the Crossy road has made it highly popular multiplayer game on Android. At the same, up to four players can cross the road and do other things. All players should do their best in order to sabotage each other. In this game, multiplayer feature is accessible from the main screen that appears in the lower right menu. The main goal of this gameplay is to cross different roads and streams without dying. You need to sustain in the gameplay as long as you can.

Unluckily, this game is a local multiplayer game right now so that you and other players need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. This game is free to play and you can play with two to four friends at the same time on the same network. It also contains 40 unique figurines from various themes. Even you can play this game on the big screen with Android TV. It is not at all the most robust multiplayer game ever but it is a fun way to kill some time.


Hearthstone is a collectible online card game (CCG) in which you will face strangers and friends along with characters and cards inspired by Warcraft. With streamlined rules and controls, Hearthstone brings this concept and makes them even more accessible. Even it is a multiplayer game it is also very fun to play alone because of its excellent tutorial and a full campaign. This gameplay is designed well to work on all platforms. The gameplay is also very simple to learn and is still open widely for future expansions.

This multiplayer game is free to play and available on many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. It allows players to collect many new cards and build develop their own decks. Thus, it is great for constructed play and metagame. This game allows a massive number of players to be online at all times. Across the globe, this game has a great community of players. Hence, if you want to play competitively, even you can also join online tournaments. This game is very popular and you do not face any problems when finding people to play against.

Minecraft – pocket edition

Minecraft is the most complex of the local multiplayer games on this list. You can play this game with your friends but everyone will need to have their own devices to do so. This game is an exploration game, which allows you mine things, craft things, build things, and so on, for those people who have been living under a rock. This is one of the most popular and greatly regarded multiplayer games of all time.

The mobile version of this game is really good and Mojang AB developed this. In this gameplay, you are dropped into the world and then you can do things whatever you want. Moreover, the game also provides servers so that you can join to play with others or even you can make your own and play with your friends locally. Microsoft purchased the game from Mojang and adding all kinds of updates to the game.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is the fifth installment in Game loft’s award-winning mobile game series. This is the most mainstream shooter on hand-held devices. This game offers a ton of content that includes 6 playable and customizable characters, online multiplayer, and a campaign mode. Every character in the gameplay can be improved and leveled up. It also offers many game modes for you so that you can play the mode whatever you want.

Additionally, it also offers in-game chat that allows you plan certain things with other players in the gameplay. Modern Combat 5 gains more popularity because of its easy to find people to play with you. Multiplayer allows you to play with other players in the dynamic multiplayer mode. In order to play this exciting game, you must need an internet connection and a touch input device.


NBA Jam is a port of the console game and classic arcade of the same name. This new version of the game has updated rosters and some extra features from its previous console counterparts. For beginners, this offers online multiplayer mode along with its local multiplayer mode. This is one of the best sports games available now along with online multiplayer. This provides a game that features two-on-two basketball with certain rules. In the gameplay, you can steal, shove, and even knock opponents down to get rewards.

The ultimate goal of this game is to score more point as same as any other basketball game. This also offers controller support for the players so that you can play with your friends easily along with an actual controller. Each player can play with his or her device in the same room in a Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Moreover, there is also no in-app purchase for this game. When it comes to a multiplayer game with sports, NBA Jam is one of the best Android games in the list ever.

Nova Legacy

NOVA was one of the first successful shooters game for Android users. NOVA Legacy is the latest installment of the NOVA games and it is the first installment in the series, which features online multiplayer. Overall, it comes with a campaign mode, special events and special Ops (new game mode) and so on. Moreover, it is already one of the best free Android games. This shooter game comes with better than average graphics and controls. Even, there is also a storyline, online multiplayer mode, and a rudimentary crafting system. This game story is sci-fi based which means there are plenty of fun things involved in it along with more realistic shooters.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best multiplayer games of all times. The game offers many features for online multiplayer such as leader boards, death matches, and character customization. One of the new features in Nova Legacy compared to the previous version is that you can create and personalize your weapons. For every completed mission, you will receive an object as rewards so you can construct all the guns and make improvements as you want. Then you can take the weapon with you on the next mission. In a special arena, you can even play against with other online players.

Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is a very popular multiplayer game among the list. Without any payment, over thousands of gamers across the world play this game. Moreover, it is one of the best racing multiplayer game available. The game is compatible with any kind of device so you can play this game on any device.  This game also has a campaign mode that is fun and offers many events for you.

The option of online multiplayer in the gameplay works above average. With this gameplay, up to eight players can able to compete in head-to-head matchups. Moreover, it has no in-app purchases. Apart from this, the game also supports hardware controllers, split screen multiplayer mode etc. With the help of challenge mode, you can compete against your friends.

Supercell games

Supercell, famous mobile game developer developed some most popular free online multiplayer games  in the recent times. Gunshine.net is the company debut web browser game. Since then, they have released four mobile games such as Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hay Day. Some of their biggest hits under the category of Multiplayer games are Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale.

These games are freemium games because they have no in-app purchases. Among these four games, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach are coming under the strategy games. Like Hearthstone, Clash of Clans is a card dueling game. Until now, every game has tons of active users across the globe. This actually means that you do not face any difficulty when finding people to play against. These games are offering a decent experience for all players even they are not perfect.


Unkilled is the new FPS from Madfinger games and it is the first person shooter game where you need to destroy zombies. This is a mission-based game along with more than 150 missions available at present and the number is still growing. In this gameplay, you will play the role of a soldier and has to save NYC from the zombie attacks. One of the unique elements of this gameplay is that you would not have to push/press a button to shoot. Whenever an enemy is in sight, you will open fire automatically. Thus, it makes easier to control your character as well as perfect for playing on the touchscreen devices.

The mission in the game is every short that lasting only 2 to 3 minute. Before completing the mission, you will able to try out and choose your weapons. It includes rifles, machine guns, pistols and other special items such as adrenaline injections and missiles. Unkilled is an amazing first person shooter games whose graphics look more like that they are from a console game rather than a Smartphone game. The story mode of the game is long that includes many types of zombies and you will have to fight against.


Vainglory is one of the best multiplayer experience and MOBA on a device.  If you are unfamiliar with MOBA games, then your job in this game is to join forces along with two other players and then try to take other team bases. To play, you will have a full battlefield and power-ups to obtain. Moreover, it requires a little bit of strategy in order to get a victory in the game. MOBA is very common and famous in the eSports rings so it is no different in Vainglory also.

With this gameplay, there are tons of social elements available and several game modes to play. If you do not want, then you simply play with bots, which you want so the decision is completely yours. The game also allows you choose from more than 30 characters as you battle in real time gameplay to destroy the enemy. In this, you are rewarded for teamwork and strategy but not for spending more money.

Zynga’s with friends games

Zynga has developed many great multiplayer games for Android users. Some of the best multiplayer games listed here.

  • Words with Friends
  • Draw Something
  • Chess with Friends
  • Gems with Friends
  • Crosswords with Friends (newly released)

Each game in the list allows you pair with online strangers or your friends to play this game. These games are not very complex games so you can easily play. All these multiplayer games let you log into Facebook in order to find their friends more easily. Broadly speaking, these games are not perfect but they are a great way to kill some time. If you want to have fun with your friends, then choose any of the Zynga game from the above list.


Hence, it is the complete list of the best android multiplayer games right now. Most of the games in the list come with free in-app purchases. To play the best game, simply read out all the games listed out above and choose the one that fits your needs. After that, go to play store on your android mobile, download and install your favorite game on your device. That is enough, now you can simply play your favorite game with your friends or online strangers.


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